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    Creator 4.1 update 1:  First clean and build fails, second clean and build works

      In Creator 4.1 update 1, after grabbing from the repository I need to build twice.  To kick off the initial build, I use Build->Clean and Build All Projects.  The build will fail on a file generated by the fitter and take a long time to come back.  (The file seems to have a lot of null characters in it).  After the first build fails (takes about 3 or 4 minutes where Creator seems to be waiting for some sort of timeout), I then choose Build->Clean and Build All Projects a second time.  This time the build completes without errors within 30 or 40 seconds).


      Only difficult aspect of the workspace is that the project is using an external library.  (The dependencies are set properly to depend on the external library, and the external library builds properly before getting to the main project where the build fails).  The file that is failing is not part of the library, but it is a simple clock signal being fed into the library using the schematic tool.


      This issue is more of annoyance than anything.  The workspace is stored in a repository, so there is the possibility that the timestamps of all the files are essentially the same.  No generated files are stored in the repository (and doing a clean build should remove those files anyway).


      I did not run into this issue on previous versions of Creator, but at that time I also did not have any external libraries (besides the standard ones) being linked to the application.