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    FX3 : extra response to the host for a GET DESCRIPTOR request configuration


      Dear support,


      During the communication between the FX3 and the HOST (windows computer), I get an extra response packet from the FX3 (that is malformed by the way) to the GET DESCRIPTOR request configuration sends by the host.

      Like you can see in the picture, the event n°527 GET DESCRIPTOR request configuration gets its response, with no errors, from the FX3 with the event n°528 GET DESCRIPTOR response configuration. The problem is that the event n°530 also responds to the event n°527 and is malformed.


      I need your help to know why there would be a second response to a request that is already treated. Because of that, I have a SET CONFIGURATION done that recreate all my threads.


      Thank you for Help,




      edit : all request on descriptor are handled by the functions of Cypress, not by my code.


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