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    Seperation between application and Profile API

      In the datasheet for the BLE component 3.40, there is an image showing the architecture of the component that I also attached to this post.

      In this image, there is a separation between the application and the profile API.

      From what I understand, the profile API is allowed to make calls to the GATT DB and to the GAP/GATT in the host.

      Those calls can also be made form the application, for example the CyBle_GattsWriteAttributeValue function, and should be made when implementing a custom profile.


      In my custom profile, is the profile API part in the image my own implementation of the profile, and should it be completely separate, or is this only a visualization of how the standard profiles work?

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          From what I would see it as: The Profile API refers to the standard BLE profiles for the BLE component. The Application is where you are writing your code (all of the code in the "BLE Component" is generated by the IDE), thus I would say from an architectural standpoint that your custom profile is in fact part of your "Application" and not the "Profile API". By that reasoning, I would say it is more of an example of how the standard profiles work, and your custom profile, although interfacing in the same way more or less as the standard profile, should be placed in the Application bubble for clarity.