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    avs allowed origins




      I'm trying to connect AVS server and created AVS account for the test.

      Like the comment in the wiced source code file, I ran avs_authorization app and get the following screen


      Because I have no idea about device type ID, I skiped it and also serial number(seems default one).

      Any how I run "submit" on the page but I got the following error.


      It is complaning about "Allowed return URLs", so I checked the URL in the Amazone site that I registered.

      Like in the guide about URL , I registered the URL like the following. and update information and then tried procedure again but I got same error.


      Does anyone know what's wrong with my procedure?

      whtat's the correct settings for the URLs?


      For the reference, I am also attaching the wiced log when I tried "submit" above.


      Looking at the log above , I also wonder what's "Resolved Broker IP" , which is used for?


      Best regards