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    Protecting Rows for Psoc 4


      I developed some applications for ProC BLe uC's and I was able to protect rows from Creator 3.3 without problems. I flashed using Programmer and the chip became properly protected.


      Some months ago we were forced to migrate future upcoming applications to PsoC BLE equivalent uC's. We're using PSoc Creator 4.0 basically due to new required components.


      After developing and tested I tried to protect rows using the same process. Basically, Chip protection selection and later on configuring flash Security.


      After that I tried to flash using programmer but I was not able to properly protect the chip. The chiop became unprotected. I check several configurations with no success.


      Following the thread, I notice that hex files does not contain the protection information that I got for ProC. Following some comparison for a complete rows protection for both ProC and Psoc 4 families.




      PSoc 4:





























      Before going on to check other possiibilities,


      Is there any known bug in Creator 4.0 ?


      What am I going wrong ?


      Ignasi Villagrasa