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    Flash status when reprogram Psoc

      I want to read an array in flash that I previously written array.


      The steps done are:

      1. Write the array in emulated eprom with "Em_EEPROM_Write"

      2.Turn off the power of the psoc

      3. Turn on the power and read the array



      In mode debugging this array is '0'.

      It is because when you reprograming the psoc creator put all '0' in flash??




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                  case WRITE_SWITCHING:      //Escribir en flash el valor del switching

                      for (i=0 ; i < 8 ; i++)


                          status = Em_EEPROM_Write(&RAMarray[0][i] , &eepromArray[0][i] ,1u);

                          status = Em_EEPROM_Write(&RAMarray[1][i] , &eepromArray[1][i] ,1u);

                          status = Em_EEPROM_Write(&RAMarray[2][i] , &eepromArray[2][i] ,1u);




          my Array is eepromArray[3][8]

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            Yes, while programming PSoC Programmer  does erase of flash,You can try this option for debugging which is "Debug without programming"


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