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    Problems with existing software demo for Sterling-LWB (4343 chipset)

      I’m using the Sterling-LWB board together with a STM32F411 Discovery board (as recommended by the User Guide). I have also downloaded software examples for the Sterling-LWB board. One of these software examples is the ”Wi-Fi Onboarding Demo” (found in the ”43xxx_Wi-Fi/demo”-folder). I’m able to run the code (I'm able to get some of the expected serial terminal output), but the Access Point can’t be initiated due to an ”IOCTL problem”.


      Digging a little deeper in my troubleshooting, I've noticed the following:

      In 43xxx_WiFi/apps/demo/wifi_onboarding/wifi_onboarding.c, in application_start(), is the function wiced_init() called. I’ve noticed that this function returns an error code. Within wiced_init(), the function wiced_wlan_connectivity_init() also returns an error code. Moreover, additional nested function calls results in an “IOCTL problem”. This error is detected in wwd_sdpcm_send_ioctl() – found in 43xxx_WiFi/WICED/WWD/internal/wwd_sdpcm.c – at the end of the function.


      I suspect that I’ve forgot to configure/modify some settings, but I don’t have any clue how to solve this.


      I’ve been following instructions from the User Guide: