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    DMA transactions in FX3LP


      Hello guys, I am new to Cypress FX3LP firmware making.

      I am basically developing a memory controller which uses Cypress FX3LP board to act as bridge between design and the host

      In the firmware, I have call_dmaMscOutBuffer16 and then call_dmaMscOutBuffer512


      My question is, while these DMAs are executed, how much time does each DMA take? and also how much time is consumed in switching from 1st DMA call to 2nd DMA call? is that time configurable? I am targetting high speed data transfer.


      Kindly suggest some solution.

      Also, can we determine how much time is spent in between DMA callbacks? Is there any way to reduce those callbacks?

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          There is a delay of a few microseconds switching between 1 DMA buffer to another. However, this time is not configurable. FX3 switches between the buffers as fast as it can. The time spent in the DMA callback depends on the amount of code written in the DMA callback function.