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    FX2LP HID kb leads to computer stuck during booting


      Hi :

           Our customers reported an issue related USB.

      Our product used a Cypress FX2 Cy7c68013(USB FIFO) combined with a DSP. We designed the Cypress FX2 Cy7c68013 to be USB FIFO and supported two interfaces that one is HID Keyboard another one is Bulk.

      The attachment "slave_syncB_Fifo_ep246_kb_V106.rar" is our program. It is operating fine on windows but if I plug up USB to a computer after then I turn on the computer. It will occur that the computer’s booting process is stuck about 20~30 sec(different computer has different symptom...) please refer attachment: "hid_kb_during_pc_booting_stuck.jpg".

      I’ve tried to test a Cy3684 EZ-USB Development Board installed hid_kb example which was from CY3684_EZ-USB_FX2LP_DVK (1.0). The symptom appears again. I used an USB Analyzer to record the enumeration when the computer was in BIOS. I also record a Standard HID Keyboard. The attachment "USB_Package.rar" included two record files.

      "Standard_KB_Windows.usb" is standard HID Keyboard’s. "Cypress_HID_KB_Bios.usb" is Cy3684 EZ-USB Development Board’s.

      My USB Analyzer is Advisor T3. Software is USB Protocol Suite 4.60.1406.

      I compared both, and I found a weird condition in "Cypress_HID_KB_Bios.usb". Please refer the attachment "Cypress_HID_KB_Bios.jpg". Why it send out a HID Mouse report? We didn’t set HID Mouse.

      I checked the issue can be reappears on motherboard : ASUS P8Z77-V LKASUS Z97-PRO.


      Has anyone met this issue? and how the solve it? Please help me.

      thank you a lot.