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    Voltage Fault Detector - Cannot measure 3.3v


      hello all ,

      i have a custom pcb with psoc 5 on it ,

      i have 5 diffrent  voltage inputs (3.3v , 2.5v, 2.4v  ,1.1v ,1v) that i want to constantly monitor ,

      for this task i want to use the Voltage Fault Detector block ,

      the problem is that on the 3.3v rail i cannot seems to generate powergood signal

      it always stays 0 , my settings -  OV: 3.6V UV: 3.1V DAC range:4V ,

      all others rails is generating powergood signals as expected,

      i measured with scope and i know there is a stable 3.3V input ,

      if i switch to Power Monitor block all rails is good ,

      am i doing somting wrong ?

      mybe the Voltage Fault Detector block just cant measure 3.3V ??

      Thanks lampel