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    Broadcom Bluetooth Profile Pack for Windows

      I am trying to run the helloclient.exe (Windows 7 peer app for hello_sensor in WICED Smart SDK), but Broadcom Bluetooth Profile Pack for Windows is not installed on my PC. Where can I find this?



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          Be careful here as there are alot of moving parts needed in order for this to work properly.


          This thread touches on many of them: Re: Interested in using Broadcom’s Windows stack for Windows 7?


          Essentially, Windows 7 does not support BLE natively.  You will therefore need to install a BLE stack, specifically for this profile to work -> our BT for Windows stack (BTW)


          This stack requires an external BCM20702 based dongle (wont work with any others).


          When you install the drivers that come with the dongle (they will be the vendor's version of our own BTW drivers), make sure the BT radio (if any) installed on your PC is disabled.


          Once installed, make sure you add the dongle device wiithin Windows (there is a BT control to do this) before you launch hello_client