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    Firmware upgrade BCM94343W_AVN




      I am little confused about OTA of BCM4343W.

      what I learn so far is ( kindly give response if I am wrong),

      1) OTA(1) will work on BCM94343W_AVN and OTA2 is not supported by this module.

      2) Only method supported by OTA(1) is through softAP and Http Server as mentioned in Doc.


      I have different requirement,


      (1) We have mobile app (android,iOS) for our product and  I want to update firmware by that app only.

                (1.1) If my 1st point is possible with OTA(1) then, is it possible that by modifying OTA_App device will not go to softAP mode but instead it stays connected to router's

      AP  as station and user is also connected to same AP  so user will update device firmware from our mobile app.


      (2) Is it possible to update firmware of BCM4343W by bluetooth if its possible than its best approach for me. our app will update application firmware of BCM4343W  by BLE.


      If there is source code already developed for this then thats good but if not then also, please let me know if its possible to have one of the above solution by modifying or creating source code.


      Take your time but be sure about info on this.


      Firmware upgrade by BLE will be good for us as our other end devices are communicating using BLE, BCM94343W_AVN we want to use  fro bridge between BLE and and our Server on Cloud.


      Thanks and Regards,

      Hardik harpal

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          Firstly your understanding about OTA is correct.

          Now about your usage of OTA where you want to update an application through a mobile app. The first point you mentioned is possible. You can update the application from your mobile phone if you have the image(to be uploaded) in your phone. The image is the bin file of the application that you want to update. If the user device and mobile phone are connected to the same AP, i.e., in the same network, the image can be uploaded from the phone to the user device.


          One more thing I wanted to make clear: When you say firmware, it means the application firmware running on the device? It does not mean the wifi firmware of the device. Please write back to me if I'm missing something here.


          To answer your second question, It is possible to upgrade application over Bluetooth but the speed is very less. besides there is no sample example for doing so in Wiced. We recommend using Wifi for OTA and there is a sample application also. But with BT, you need to create your own source code for OTA.

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