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    CY5677 USB dongle with cysmart.py problem

      Hi everyone,


      I used a CY5677 USB dongle with cysmart.py CySmart api.


      Python script:

      from CySmart import *

      import serial

      import time

      import binascii

      from struct import *

      import threading

      import Queue

      import sys

      import datetime


      def main():

          cySmart = CySmart()

          cySmart.start(0x00, r'\.\COM5')




      if __name__ == "__main__":


      After running the program I got a Timeout.


      If I used the CySmart Debugger tool, everything was OK.

      If I used the script above, I did not receive any data from USB dongle.

      The CySmart.py script was waiting buffer data(self.serin.inwaiting()), but after timeout (2 sec), it was exited.


      Any suggestion or advice?


      Thanks so much.