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    Determining the Reset reason in an OTA Bootloadable



      In a device, based on the CYBLE-222005-00 module, we need to distinguish between a power on and a software reset. We do this with the help of the CySysGetResetReason function and in a single application, which we program using an SWD programmer, it works. However, if we restructure the software to add an OTA upgrade possibility (i.e. prepare separate Upgradable Stack OTA Bootloader and Bootloadable User Application), the same function called in the Bootloable returns a reset reason value with the CY_SYS_RESET_SW bit – set.  I tried but I could not find the answer of the following questions:

      - How can I recognize a power on reset in a OTA Bootloadable application that works with an Upgradable Stack OTA Bootloader?

      - Is there a way to pass a value from the bootloader to the bootloadable or to share a variable between them?