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    Wiced HotSpot


      How to use the AP example or anyother example and pass internet traffic via a cell module (UART/USB)

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          Hello Prasenjit,


          From your question what I understand is that you want your one WICED device to act as a server and another WICED device to act as a client and then you want to display the server sent packets in the client terminal through USB/UART. If my understanding of your question is incorrect, please feel free to put forward your elaborated query. The exact example application is currently not available in WICED. But you can have a fair amount of idea by following the snip.tcp_client or snip.tcp_server applications where the server and client respectively are emulated by a Python Script. Based on these examples, I believe you can easily create your own application based on your requirement.

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            You answer brings some ideas but, it is not what I asked. Let me rephrase.

            I want to develop a WiFi hotspot with WICED module to get functionality as MiFi device.

            Where we have a  CELL<->WICED bridge, so that any other wifi device that connects to the WICED can connect to internet through it

            The cell module will be invisible to the device that connects to wiced.


            or another similar question will be how to use WICED as a wifi router where it connects to internet via ethernet.

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              In that case, you can bring up the soft-AP using ethernet interface. In the snip folder of WICED SDK, you can find ping_ethernet application which requires some modification to implement this feature. Please let me know if you face any difficulty in implementing the same.

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                Hello, how can you bring up the soft-AP using Ethernet interface?

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                  You can modify the ping_ethernet application and add an API call like wiced_network_up(WICED_AP_INTERFACE, WICED_USE_INTERNAL_DHCP_SERVER, &ap_ip_settings) to bring up the softAP interface and in the application makefile you can add

                  GLOBAL_DEFINES   := WICED_USE_ETHERNET_INTERFACE which should help you out.

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