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    S25FL128S block protect



           my product use nor flash S25FL128S , I want to implement the write protect fucntion.


           I already setted the status register to 0x14 (BP0-2 = 0b101), and setted configuration register to 0x28 (TBPROT = 1).


           The flash behave is flash be protected the address start from the top,  but I want protected address start from the bottom.



           1.  How can i implement my idea,  flash be protected the address start from the bottom.


            2. you have example to me?

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          Please clarify the below queries..

          Can you please provide the full part number which you are using. Are you observing the same issue with any other device ? If possible send the image of the device showing the part marking.

          did you program TBPROT bit after performing any  program or erase operation ?

          TBPROT must not be programmed after programming or erasing is done in the main flash array.