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    Created with USB wizard sample project not working on my PC


      I created with USB wizard project for my FM4-176L-S6E2GM Pioneer Kit, compiled with Keil. I am getting an error message when connecting with Cypress Serial Port Viewer: "The Port could not be opened. A device attached to the system is not functioning". Similar text with other terminal programs. I have latest Bios, well working Windows 10, latest drivers, board USB driver from a created project, no problems with other USB devices. Looks like Windows driver problem?

      But on my other PC, this project is working well.

      On both when loading project I am getting from Keil message:

      Load "D:\\USBtest\\example\\ARM\\output\\release\\USBtest.axf"

      Include "


      *** error 6: missing string terminator

      Is this important message? I have no idea, where to find this error source