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    Rs485 bootloader UDB UART


      Hi all,


      I need to write a Rs485 bootloader application for PSOC 4 module and I would like to know if it is possible to do that without "customizing" anything. In fact seems that using "Bootloader" component with UDB UART in PSOC 4 leads to uncorrect bootloading but with SCB UART an RS485 communication seems to be not straightforward to implement (on UDB you have the useful "Hardware TX Enable" feature). I'm testing the application using "UART Bootloader Host Application" from AN68272 on CY8CKIT-042-BLE Pioneer with PSOC 4 BLE Module through USB and every bootloading attempt leads to " Bootload Failed with Error Code: 0x0000A". SCB bootloading with the same configuration is working well. Am I supposed to write my own bootloader or am I doing something wrong with the components, modules and softwares that I'm using?


      I've attached the workspace.

      Thank you!