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    use kitprog to program target board - enumerates as HID?

      I don't have a MiniProg3 on hand right now, but I do have a PSoC5 LP prototype kit, with the break-away KitProg section.

      I broke off that part of the board and wired the 5 pin header over to my target board (Vtarg, Gnd, RESET, SWDCLK, and SWDIO).

      When I plugged the board into my laptop, it enumerated as a HID device. Creator doesn't find it as a programmer.

      Can this board be used like this for debugging and programming (in lieu of a MiniProg3)?

      If so - how do I get it to install correctly?




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          Please check the "Hardware ID" of the HID device by the device manager.  Do you see a device look like followings?  And also check if the STATUS LED (LED3) on the board is blinking.


          This ID is used to bootload a firmware into the KitProg PSoC 5LP device.  There are several possible reasons.

          1) The RESET button is pressed when the break-away board is attached to your PC.  The KitProg device is going to enter to the bootload mode.

          2) The target board or the break-away board has a large capacitor between XRES and VSS.  When the break-away board is inserted while the capacitor is discharged, the XRES signal is recognized as LOW when the power supplied to the break-away board.




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            Follow the steps to update the driver for Kitprog  instead of MiniProg3 as shown in doc attached -

            Just at step#06 follow this -

            #6 Browse and select:
            C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\Programmer\drivers\KitProg.inf