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    CYBT-343026 Can I2S output signals be tri-stated?


      I'm creating a project that will use the new CYBT-343026 module which I understand is basically the same hardware as the CYW92070xV3_EVAL PCB.  I Have that eval PCB driving I2S to my SSM3582 digital amplifier eval board and it's working well.  I need to add a second I2S source which will be the TLV320ADC3101 from TI which converts an analog stereo audio signal to I2S that will be selectable as an alternate sound source - i.e. the BT streaming I2S or the I2S from the Aux input.


      The TLV320ADC3101's I2S outputs can be tri-stated so I'm wondering if the same is true for the I2S output from the CYBT-343026 (which I think uses a CYW20706 Bluetooth SoC), if yes then I can simply connect the I2S signals in parallel and enable one or the other's output.  I'm not clear if/how I can make the I2S outputs go hi impedance using code.


      Thanks in advance,