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    CYBLE-222014-01 Use 32 kHz WCO as Clock source for TCPWM_1


      I have a project running on a CYBLE-222014-01 module which uses TCPWM_1 as a counter that is driven by a 32 kHz clock (derived from 48 MHz HFClk).  TCPWM_1 drives an ISR that triggers 250 times per second.


      Now I'm trying to reduce power consumption and wanted to set things up so that I can DeepSleep between every ISR_1 trigger but I realize that I need to use a 32 kHz clock source that runs while in DeepSleep which I think has to be the WCO (which I am pretty sure is implemented on the CYBLE-222014-01 module).  Am I on the right track?


      One issue is that I can't seem to select the WCO as the clock source for TCPWM_1, if I try to use the LFClk, it gives me an error (see picture).


      I've searched the forum and it looks like I may need to use a WDT in place of TCPWM_1 but I'm unclear on how this will work; how can I make the WDT generate an ISR or (ideally) hook it up to dtrigger my existing ISR_1 at the rate of 250 times per second?


      Thanks in advance.