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    why the psoc5866 seems running slowly?

      hello everyone:

            I developed a touch panel system with psoc5866, with 16 buttones, two sliders and one dedicated proximity sensor.

           The system is set as autotune with other parameters difault.

            But i find it scans sensors very slow, with about 3 seconds per loop.

           The program is as below:




              /* Place your application code here. */


              if(0u == CapSense_IsBusy())








                 //several such operations as below:

                 if (CapSense_CheckIsSensorActive(CapSense_SENSOR_PROXIMITYSENSOR0_0__PROX))





          what could be  the problem?

          do I neet to call CapSense_UpdateEnabledBaselines() each scan when smartsense is set?