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    CYW43353 WICED Support

      Will the CYW43353 be supported on WICED in the near future?

      It will be very useful to use this chip with, for example, a cortex M7 microcontroller for high bandwidth / low power consumption application.


      I hope someone could shed some light!




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          I'm a Cypress Applications Engineer supporting our IOT VAR Partners here in the USA.  One of which uses the CYW43353, a.k.a. CYW4339A0.   The request to support it in WICED has arisen more than once, and the answer continues to be "No".  However, the more people that ask for its inclusion, the more merit the request receives.   My recommendation is to reach-out to your local Cypress Sales/Support contact to run your request "up the flag pole".  You'll need project info (schedules, volumes, etc).  Feel free to have them contact me for additional background.


          Cypress offers many other "capable" devices (now and on the roadmap).  What is it about the 43353 that appeals to your application?   Why can't one of the other devices (that is supported in WICED) suffice?


          Are you currently working with a VAR Partner, if not - I highly recommend Laird Connectivity who offers the CYW43353 and may be able to help you based on your business case/application.

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            Dear Shawn,


            thank you very much for your quick reply.


            I will definitely follow your advice and contact our local Cypress Sales/Support contact.


            Our interest in the 43353 in particular it's actually due to the fact that  we are considering the LWB5 from Laird Connectivity. Also because of the Bluetooth and WiFi dual band, which are among our requirements, and the fact that the LWB5 is already certified.


            We have recently been in contact with LSR (our local sales representative) and we are currently waiting for some news.


            I have looked around for other devices with the same capabilities but unfortunately I was not able to find one (module) already certified.


            Could you please suggest other alternatives?


            Best regards,


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              I'm working for another customer that would also like to use the same Laird Part and use WICED. So put me down as another vote.

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