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    wiced studio 5.2 backward compatibility for 4343wcd1



      I downloaded new SDK which is studio5.2 and now try to test snip.scan with 4343WCD1 EVK, however there's no scan result

      so I upgraded firmware to the one in the SDK which is "4343WA1.bin" but it was in vain.


      With the EVB I have no problem with Wiced Studio 5.0.2


      Does studio 5.2 support W4343CD1?




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          the wlan firmware in sdk-5.2 does not compatible with older sdk.

          Copy "4343WA1.bin"  to older sdk won't work.

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            Axel Lin is correct, the 5.2 and later .bin files are not backwards compatible due to the new "downloadable CLM blob" feature being deployed. I believe this warning is mentioned in the SDK RELEASE Notes.

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              However, breaking compatibility this way is a big problem.


              First, most users does not get any benefit by the new "downloadable CLM blob" feature.

              Cypress doest not tell what is the benefit of this new feature at all.


              Second, the new "downloadable CLM blob" feature breaks compatibility.

              While Cypress keep asking people using latest SDK, it's importantant to keep compatibility

              between SDKs. Otherwise, you are forcing existing users to stick in a given sdk version.

              This is very bad especially cypress does not provide bug fixes in older sdks.

              In this case, cypress should at least provide a build option to allow disable CLM blob download

              feature so it won't impact existing users to upgrade firmware.


              Last and the most critial issue is the "downloadable CLM blob" feature introduces *new problem*.

              Now both wlan firmware and CLM blob files are stored in resource filesystem.

              The problem is when resource filesystem is damaged, the device lost wifi functionality.

              Thus becomes a dead board.

              Some users put webUI data/certificate/CA files in resource filesystem, so it is possible

              to update resource filesystem via OTA.

              But resource filesystem can be damaged if OTA fails.

              Then device is dead due to unable to load wlan firmware or CLM blob files.


              I have sent such issue to "MyCase" system 2 weeks ago, however, I don't get valid fix so far.

              If it really takes time to fix, I sugget to revert "downloadable CLM blob" feature first.

              So existing users can still upgrade to sdk-5.2.

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