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    PSoC 6 Webinar with Mouser: Building Next-Gen BLE Solutions for the IoT


      Cypress and Mouser have partnered up to carry out our first PSoC 6 webinar! In this 2-part webinar, Cypress' Alan Hawse (@iotexpert) and Michi Yoneda will walk you through a technical discussion and a series of hands-on lessons focused on enabling you to create next generation, ultra-low-power wireless solutions for the IoT.


      The 2-part series will cover:

      • The architectural trade-offs between application processors and traditional microcontrollers for IoT applications
      • Best practices and needs in today’s and tomorrow’s IoT applications
      • Developing next-generation IoT applications with Cypress’ PSoC 6 MCUs with BLE connectivity
      • Adding CapSense capacitive-sensing to your next IoT application

        And more…


      Part 1 will take place on September 28th and Part 2 will take place on October 25th, so get registered!

      We look forward to discussing and teaching you about our new PSoC 6 MCU!