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    FreeRTOS + dynamic loading task threads sent via BLE


      As I understand PSoC 6 will support FreeRTOS. Our product is a wearable and we are interested in sending code via ble to be run as a thread on the CortexM4. This will be in the same spirit to dynamically adding an 'app' to the device which will open new functionality without a complete firmware reflashing.


      Is this possible given flash now support non blocking reads/writes and FreeRTOS has the xTaskCreate function which appears to implement dynamic thread creation?


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          Hello Nick,


          Technically this is possible - PSoC 6 supports FreeRTOS and simultaneous flash read/write (while flash is getting updated in one sector, code can execute from another sector) to enable this.


          Our bootloader SDK supports BLE Over-the-air update for a complete Application (usually bigger in size). If you are talking about updating complete application (you can have multiple applications), then yes it is possible through the SDK itself. However, updating just one or two functions is not directly supported by our SDK. That said, it can be handled and implemented in application and probably a custom BLE service.



          Meenakshi Sundaram R

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