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    CCG3 gate drivers


      I am implementing the CCG3 controller in a solar charging application. This product will have the ability to charge via the solar panel plugged in OR the USB-C port but cannot have both ports on at the same time. Therefore, I would like to use the VBUS_C_CTRL[1:0] pins to drive two sets of back to back NFETS. Can I use VBUS_C_CTRL0 to control both NFETs in the USB-C path and use VBUS_C_CTRL1 to control both NFETs in the Solar path? In the datasheet it shows each signal driving one NFET but can one signal drive two FETs? The FETs I am using are: http://aosmd.com/res/data_sheets/AON6816.pdf


      Please see attached drawing. If a solar panel is plugged in while consuming, switch A will be OFF and switch B will be ON. If a solar panel is plugged in while providing, switch A will be ON, switch B OFF, and switch C ON. Basically, I need the ability to control switch A and switch B separately so they are never on at the same time. Is that possible with the CCG3 controller? It provides 4 driver outputs but can you control them separately? And do they have the ability to drive two FETs with ONE output?





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          Not sure it will help, but I've noticed that in the CCG4 EVK reference design and code they have changed so that you have only one VBUS_C/P_CTRL controlling two FETs, similar how you have have designed. I guess they did this change since there was not enough free pins on CCG4 since it controlls two USB-C ports. If you look into that design and the CCG3/CCG4 if-defs that exists in the code you might figure out how to reprogram the control logic as well. I might have opted for basing my design and code on the CCG4 instead?