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    CY8C4013SXI-400 not run


      I am able to program the CY8C4013SXI-400 from PSoC Creator via miniprog3.  However, my firmware does not seem to run.  It's just a simple blinking LED, which works on my other PSoC 5.  What could be the problem?

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          If the miniprog3 is showing successful programming, then it must be your software.

          The CY8C4013SXI-400 looks like it is a PSoC 4: MCU 8KB Flash 2KB SRAM PSoC 4 (from Mouser)

          My guess would be that pins changed between the two chips.

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            First check the Pins you are using. Also make sure that LEDs are connected to the right pins in the hardware. There shouldn't be an issue with the firmware if it was working with PSoC 5 and there is no issue in programming.


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              There are only 8 pins on the CY8C4013SXI-400.  3 are taken up by VDD, VCC, VSS, 2 are taken up by DEBUG.  There are only 3 pins left.  I set pin 6 (P1[1]) to be the output pin, name it OUT_0.  In main:


              for(;;) {





              There is no blink.  I even made it simpler by just calling OUT_0_Write(1) but the LED does not light up.  No, the LED is not broken.  I can apply a 5V directly to it and it lits up.


              Seems like the chip won't even boot up and rung the program.  I applied 5V to VDD and put in .1uF and 1uF as suggested in the chip document.  What does it take to flash it and get it running?


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                Did you add a 0.1uF bypass capacitor to the VCCD pin?


                The capacitor is used as the bypass capacitor of the internal 1.8V regulator.




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                  Yes, my power circuit is exactly like that, except there is no VDDIO.  A 1uF & a .1uF from VDD to GND, a .1uF from VCC to GND.  If it weren't like this, the miniprog3 won't be able to acquire and flash it.

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                    Thank you for confirmation.


                    I have questions regarding the Pin component configuration.

                    1. Is the "HW Connection" check box unchecked?
                    2. What is the Drive mode of the pin?