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    Connection Up callback timing and Connection establishment failure

      According to Bluetooth LE spec,


      ----------- Excerpt from the spec begins -----------


      The Link Layer enters the Connection State when an initiator sends a CONNECT_REQ to an advertiser.

      After entering the Connection State, the connection is considered to be created.

      The connection is not considered to be established at this point.

      The connection is only considered to be established once a data channel packet has been received from the peer device.


      If the Link Layer connection supervision timer reaches 6 * connInterval before

      the connection is established, the connection shall be considered lost.

      This enables fast termination of connections that fail to establish.


      ------------ Excerpt from the spec ends -------------



      Question 1) When is the connection up callback invoked in Initiator side?

                          Is it just after sending out CONNECT_REQ?

                          Or, after confirming the connection establishment?


      Question 2) How the application gets notified of the connection establishment failure?

                          (i.e., in case it reaches 6 * connInterval without receiving any data from the Advertiser.)