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    1DX wi-fi driver issue with i.MX6ULL

      We are using Murata LBEE5KL1DX (BCM4343W) as Wi-Fi module with i.MX6ULL. We have been able to compile BCMDHD driver for this chip inbuilt (in kernel) successfully and are able to use it. But while putting system in sleep mode (echo mem > /sys/power/state), sometimes system refuse to go into sleep mode (Error: mmc1: resource busy -16). We tried to down/up Wi-Fi wlan0 interface but still system refuse to go into sleep mode. We tried to debug this into the code and suspect that this is due to some wake-lock related issue. At some point in time, Wi-Fi driver takes wake-lock (this is different than standard wake-lock being used in Android) and before it unlocks the same, user space application tries to put the system into sleep mode. Any pointer - how use user space application come to know about status of this wake-lock / how can this lock can be unlocked ?