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    Python_Ex has wrong data type for PSoC_Programmer 3.24

      When trying to use Python_Ex.py
      (in Cypress\Programmer\Examples\Programming\PSoC3_5\SWD\Python_Ex)

      I get errors such as Cypress\Programmer\Examples\Programming\PSoC3_5\SWD\Python_Ex


      In fact, when checking the relevant lines with:


      hResult = pp.DAP_GetJtagID()

      chipJtagID = hResult[1]



      it turns out that chipJtagID behaves like a list of integers and not characters,

      so all the uses of ord() in Is_PSoC5_TM_ID, etc.

      need to be removed.

      This is not an urgent problem, and there are probably only few users who use python for PSoC programming.

      I did the changes locally, so I do not create an issue.