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    Set CPU_CLOCK_HZ down for BCM94343WWCD2


      I want to change the BCM94343WWCD2 EVB CPU freq (96MHz to 48 MHz)

      I change the CPU_CLOCK_HZ (and some PLL paramers) in platform_config.h

        But got error msg about watchdog

      it seems doesn't define the DBG_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT_MULTIPLIER in platform_watchdog.c:

      #if (CPU_CLOCK_HZ == 120000000)

          #define DBG_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT_MULTIPLIER    (2250)

      #elif (CPU_CLOCK_HZ == 100000000)

          #define DBG_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT_MULTIPLIER    (1875)

      #elif (CPU_CLOCK_HZ == 96000000)

          #define DBG_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT_MULTIPLIER    (3600)


      how should I define the DBG_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT_MULTIPLIER with CPU_CLOCK_HZ == 48000000?