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    Average current draw with snip.tcp_client_powersave


      Are there any available measurements on reference boards with maximum power save options enabled for this ? I'm basically trying to figure out what is the best achievable low power current draw, while still maintaining a connection to the server.


      I've read AN104, it mentions 'sleep mode may be 10's of microamps or less' and then in chapter 4.2.4 concludes with 'minimum sleep current is approx 500 microamps'. This is not measured with TCP connection however, and that's a fairly wide swing as well. Anything better defined on any specific reference boards would be welcome. CYW4343W measurements would be ideal, but anything else running Wiced would be fine, too.


      Also, CYW4343W mentions support for 'power-save multipoll', where can i read more about how is that exposed or implemented in the chip ?

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          The AN104 more or less provides a guideline on how to implement the powersave features and what are the necessary steps for doing so. If you want to maintain connection to the radio and enable all the powersave mechanisms, you can run the tcp_client_powersave  application which demonstrates the wifi powersave features in between the TCP connections and do the necessary hardware modifications as mentioned in AN 104 to get your own measurements. I tested the same on 43907 and the current consumption for the same application was around 73 mA. You can read more about powersave features of 43907 in an updated App Note, located inside the doc folder of WICED SDK. As I understand, if you want to read up more about power-save multipoll, you can follow the IEEE spec and try to implement the same on 4343W. For now,  WMM-PS, PSMP schemes are not implemented in WICED SDK.