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    Code No Longer compiles after Device Selector

      So my code compiled fine when I was using CYBLE-222014-01.   Then I realized I needed to test this on the CY8C4248LQI-BL583 since that is part of the development kit I have.  So I changed to that device, but when I did so, I got all the following errors after the build:  Mostly unable to find typedefs defined in ctypes.h file and incompatible pointer types.  I made no changes to my own code that would have resulted in this.


      So I decided to go back to the CYBLE-222014-01 device, as the last known good version.  However, now I get the same errors on that version!   It shouldn't work that way. The application should be smart enough to recreate the same conditions for a successful build as long as nothing else has changed.


      I am using PSOC Creator 4.1 Update 1