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      Hi, We have a PSoC 4 BLE project, and need to do a customer application on the Android and iOS platform for the OTA function, so i have downloaded the source code of Cysmart appliation, and found there is a OTA folder which stored some source codes of the OTA program, but i can not find any application note related to the coding, how come i can understand the usage of the coding in the OTA folder, even the OTA working flow. Do anyone have any work flow or guideline for the source code usage?


      I have downloaded the both the user guide of the Cysmart application as below, but it is just introduction for the Cysmart application, and not useful at all.



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          I assume you don't mean implementing a bootloader on the PSoC chip?: http://www.cypress.com/file/198301/download

          Otherwise, check out: Cypress's Custom BLE Profiles and Services | Cypress Semiconductor

          It has a OTA service that Cypress created for doing OTA upgrades. And based on the document you linked, that is the profile service they are using (as it is referenced in the document you linked)

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            Thanks for your quick response, We already implemented the boot loader on the PSoC chip on our BLE device, and did OTA successfully with the Cysmart app, and now, we need to implement the OTA function in our custom-made application in both Android and iOS, so that we downloaded the source code of the Cysmart, but can not find any related application note for the coding, as you know it is not a easy way to understand the source code without any detail explanation or application note/ work flow. So that we are looking for the official assistance from Cypress company, it will be great appreciated if you can provide any detail explanation / application note/ work flow for the OTA coding.

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              According to the OTA Firmware Update From Custom Android Code  thread:

              Oh it looks like the information I'm after (command codes, flow charts, packet formats and such) is in the bootloader datasheet.

              If you rightclick on the bootloader component under the PSoC Creator and select "Open Datasheet" you will have the document referred to above, and it has a flowchart and most if not all of the technical details needed to implement your OTA application (along with the CySmart example). Here's a screenshot of the document:


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                i do find a work flow of the bootloader from the cypress web site as below, seems it is the workflow between the host and the bootloader as below but for I2C bootloader, is it a similar work for for the OTA application?


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                  Except for the fact that you are using a different communication medium than I2C, I would say that the logic/flow is the same Yes.