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    Question about fx3 isochronous mode in UVC





      We want stream video data from image sensor with UVC on isochronous mode in Super Speed(USB 3.0).

      We are referring to the AN75779 example code, but this exmaple is using Bulk mode.



      Our camera environment  is 1280x720 / 30 fps / YUV format(uncompressed).

      So we need about 55MB/s(1280x720x2x30x8) bandwidth.




      As I know,

      due to UVC driver constraints, FX3's maximum bandwidth on ISOC endpoint under UVC for USB 3.0 in Windows 7/8 is 24MB/s.

      Only with Windows 10, maximum bandwidth will be 24MB/s X 16 = 384MB/s.

      (See AN75779 document 4 page Note..)




      Q1 >
      In the above environment, Should the host use only Windows 10 for sufficient bandwidth support?
      If the host use windows 7/8, is our camera unusuable on isochronous mode?
      Although it is available, is it operating up to 24MB/s?



      Q2 >
      For isochronous mode setting, Can I change only the endpoint configuration on descriptor file in example code? 
      Do I need addtional work? (eg. data packet, thread callback configuration..)



      Thank you in advance.