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    SDK-5.2 takes much more flash space


      Make a build comaprsion with SDK-5.1 and sdk-5.2.

      The image built with SDK-5.2 is much bigger than the image built with SDK-5.1.

      e.g. use test.console with LwIP build as example,

      On SDK-5.2: the image size: 412028

      On SDK-5.1: the image size: 365100

      The diff is about 45KB.


      (Note, I already disable IPV6 in SDK-5.2 for the build comparison).


      Such image size increasing is a surprise again.

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          I am running into this same issue while porting our product from WICED 4.1.1 to 5.2.   We see an increase in flash for the image of about ~45kB.

          Has there been any progress?


          For context, our product hardware is based on the LSR-Sterling module.  And has been up and running fine for months with  4.1.1. 

          As part of the port, we updated our platform definitions and make files to specify


          and our platform_config.h to include

              #define USES_RESOURCE_FILESYSTEM


          I did see in the release notes that without these changes the clm_blob would be included in the image instead of being loaded into external flash.  But a look through the *.map file does not reveal any significant space for the blob.  


          Am I missing some other required change?


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            Such image size increasing makes it not possible to ota firmware from older sdk to 5.2+.

            The difference is not just 45KB because once the new firmware can not fit into the same

            block (4K), the ota will seek for spare space at the end of the flash.

            i.e. it will need another 412028 bytes which is usually not available.


            Note, the clm_blob is different problem but even without clm_blob issue the image size

            increasing itself already causes OTA problem for users using older sdk.

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              Thanks AxLi_1746341


              I did dive in on this far enough to see that it was not a resource issue (as I originally feared) but that several libraries grew in size betwee 4.x and 5.2.    IIRC, the BESL stuff was the biggest single change.  When I originally posted, I built a comparison size map - if I can still find it, I'll post here in case it helps anyone else in the process of trying to shrink code .