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    Hello all,

      I am working on PSoC 4200 CY8C4245AX*-483 controller. I put UART RX on interrupt and send data as char array. At 1st time i got my results right but after that UART is not receiving any Data though it is on interrupt. i have to reset it and send data to it. I have attached my along with. if any one can help me please help me. Thanks in advance.

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          Please let me ask some questions.


          I assumed that there is one UART component and one Interrupt component as follows.  Is this correct?


          There are several kinds of interrupt sources handled by the Interrupt component.  Which interrupt sources did you select?


          The UART component can have hardware or software FIFO.  What RX buffer size did you select?


          The API function UART_GetChar() returns ZERO if the RX buffer exhausted.  Did you check if any ZEROs are contained in the data[] array?




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            I tried with my CY8CKIT-044.  I typed "1_+2_~" and got following result.


            I pushed the RESET button because the string is displayed forever.  There seems to be a logic BUG.  Hint is the behavior of the variable i.




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              Can you please post your complete project so that we all can have a look at all of your settings. To do so, use

              Creator->File->Create Workspace Bundle (minimal)

              and attach the resulting file.





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                There is simple example of using Fixed Fiction UART Rx port ( PSoC4 ) for receiving control messages from terminal. Please check if this approach fits your goals: