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    How many 'bleprofile_sendWriteCmd' can be queued up?


      I'm currently working on an application with a 20736S acting as a central.  In order to speed up the overall process, I'm interested in using 'bleprofile_sendWriteCmd' since it doesn't require waiting for a response like 'bleprofile_sendWriteReq' does.


      My questions are:

           1)  How many of those ...WriteCmd calls can be executed in a row (called sequentially without delay)? 

           2)  If there is a limitation, what is the mechanism to determine when the next one can be called?



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          I haven't tried this before although I believe there is no restriction and the client can send "commands" as and when it likes. The only limitation I think would be on the server side, as in how fast of these commands it can handle. As you know that a command will not require any response from the server, the client may not be able to mitigate a situation if one arises. Obviously this scheme of things is not reliable as opposed to "requests", it should only be used when you want to issue the command fast.