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      I would like to save measurement.tout in a variable and then be able to read it back ? For example let's say save temp readings over couple of hrs  in to some portion of  SRAM in BCM2073 and read back the readings and save it in to txt file?




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          Hello sjasuja,


          We have several examples in our SDK 2.1 that represent basic functionality that you mention here.


          hello_sensor is the starting point application what we point to for basic understanding.


          For a more in depth look at sensors, take a look at our WICED Sense Kit application.


          Here are some links:


          WICED SENSE Kit BLOG


          WICED Smart Documents & Downloads




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            I do not think you have file system support and functions on FW (even an RTOS is used, potentially I assume not a File System there, no storage, e.g. a RAM disk, SD card device, Flash file system ...).


            Good question:
            To keep values in SRAM variables (regular C-code variables, as large arrays) should do the same.
            Just to clarify:

            1. Is there SRAM retention?
              If not, or not entire SRAM is retained on deep sleep - is there any region to keep such persistent data
              (segmented SRAM with retention)?
            2. If SRAM is not retained (nothing), I would guess there is another device, e.g. a SPI flash or EEPROM.
              Could we use it?
              Are there some rules to bear in mind? (e.g. is there a free use region/page?
              Even functions available to flash and read?
            3. BTW: Can we use malloc on the FW?