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    External JTAG with BCM94343WWCD1_1



      I have my own external debugger that I want to hook into the STM32F4 on the BCM94343WWCD1_1. The blue shrouded header (J3) appears to correspond to what I want. But when I try to open the connection, although I can read the voltage, I appear to be unable to reset the device.


      Is the on-board debugger holding onto this pin? Is there a resistor I can remove so that my external debugger may toggle?


      I've looked at the schematics for the BCM94343WWCD1_1 but they seem to entirely omit the information from the black board. Where can I find those schematics? I could help myself if I was able to find them.




      FYI, the eval board that I am mounted on appears to be the BCM9WCD9EVAL1. Unfortunately, it's schematics are not in WICED-Studio-5.1/43xxx_Wi-Fi/platforms/evaluation_boards