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    Reading from FPGA through FX3

      So I've been given the task of reading data from an Altera Cyclone 3 Starter board through an FX3 chip. Its the same set up used in AN69574, however the stream of data will be slightly different. I am needing to first send a 32 bit value to the FPGA, containing a RAM address and number of Words to read. The FPGA will then interpret this and return the specified words to the FX3 and to an end program. I'm a bit stuck as to where to start as my attempts with modifying the loopback program have failed due to the implemented FIFO system.


      Any pointers on where to get started would be greatly appreciated!


      Kind Regards

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          Hi Ricky,


          You need not modify the FX3 firmware for implementing the mentioned reequirement. In the loopback mode, FPGA will send back the data received from FX3 (In this case,32-bit value). You need to modify the FPGA code so that it sends the specified number of words to FX3 and not the exact data it received from FX3.

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