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    the working stability of CYW92070xV3_EVAL

      Hi, i use the demo board of CYW92070xV3_EVAL for near one month. And it now doesn't work smoothly. It often downloads failed and gives a hint that the CYW20706 was not detected. And i have checked the power supply and the driver, and they are all normal. Only when i reinstall the WICED-Studio-5.0, the demo board can then work.  But after several hours,it will come the same question. Can you help to analyse the problem? Thanks.

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          Best advice is to walk through "WICED CYW20706 Kit Guide" diligently.


          From your description, there appeared to be some issue recognizing the board. Ensure that the

          FTDI usb-to-serial comm driver is installed properly. For the first time installation, let Windows

          installed this automatically. It may take a while though. Subsequently you may want to verify that

          the two ports are indeed detected properly via the Device Manager. Occasionally it is not detected

          by Windows for unknown reasons.


          I do not use USB hub and I always use the same USB port on my laptop for my work.


          And I use Win7 32bits.

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            Hi btta,

            i followed your advice to reinstall the driver . This time i let windows installed this automatically. After doing this, it actually began to work. But several times later, the same problem appeared.


            I also do not use USB hub and i use Win7 64bits.

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              When you say device was not detected, are you able to see the device in the device manager or not?

              Did you try "recovering" the board when you were not able to program?