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    New HCI-based CYW2070X Bluetooth Dual Mode dongle from Laird....


      BT800, Bluetooth v4.0 Class 1 HCI


      bt800.jpgThe BT800 series of Class 1, USB HCI modules, and packaged USB Dongle, are Laird's first dual-mode Bluetoothv4.0 offerings, bringing support for Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for operating system backed devices.


      These modules present a Bluetooth standard HCI interface and have native support for Windows and Linux Bluetooth software stacks. BT800 devices are fully qualified as a Bluetooth Subsystem. This allows designers to integrate their existing pre-approved Bluetooth Host and Profile subsystem stacks to gain a Bluetooth END product approval for their products.


      A fully featured, low-cost developer’s kit (DVK-BT800) is available for prototyping, debug and integration testing of the BT800 series modules and further reduces risk and time in development cycles.



      • Bluetooth v4.0 - Dual mode
      • Classic Bluetooth
      • Bluetooth Low Energy
      • Compact footprint
      • Class 1 output – 8 dBm
      • USB, GPIO, I2S & PCM
      • Industrial temperature range
      • 64k EEPROM support for BLE HID Proxy
      • Bluetooth SIG approvals
      • FCC, IC, and CE approvals


      Learn More: BT800 | LairdTech