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    peripheral and broadcaster

         The author was building a new packet to indicate that the packet is a broadcasting packet.   Here he is defining his advertising structure:


      /* Define the advertisement data for the broadcast - this includes the

           * advertisement flags and the device name advertised. The device name

           * used for Broadcasting is different from the device name used when

           * we want to connect to another device.


          CYBLE_GAPP_DISC_DATA_T myAdvData =



                  2,      /* Length for Flags field */

                  1,      /* Identifier that following data is Flags field */

                  4,      /* Advertisement Flags - BR/EDR not supported */

                  17,     /* Length for Complete Name field */

                  0x09,   /* Identifier that following data is Complete Name field */


                  /* Name */

                  'B', 'r', 'o', 'a', 'd', 'c', 'a', 's', 't', 'e', 'r', ' ', 'O', 'n', 'l', 'y'


              21          /* Total bytes in the advertisement packet */



      After the Length of Complete Name field comes the AD Type, which the programmer assigns as 0x09.   However, if you go off of the table on Page 52 of the BLE PSoc Creator Component Datasheet, the Use of Local Name should correspond to 0x01, not 0x09, if you go by the position of the AD type within the array.   Local Name comes directly under Flags with the first position in the array.    Is it correct to associate the listing of the AD types in this table to the numeric index or is there an association made elsewhere that I could not locate that identifies 0x09 with Complete Local Name?


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