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    Creating a PSoC BLE Android App Problem


      My name is Andrew Collins, and I am following the tutorial video of "How to Create a PSoC Android BLE App: Lesson 7 Deep Dive into the App". I have successfully created the app, but when I search for the PsoC device, there is a problem in which nothing happens after I press the second button (Search for Device). I have waited for over a minute and have pressed it repeatedly, and nothing happens. I have followed all the other steps in making the Psoc code, then going to the Android studio code, and it is all correct (I got it from GitHub). Also, the blue light on the Psoc device keeps blinking blue, so it hasn't connected yet. What problem is there, and how can i fix it? (Attached below are the codes for the Android Studio, and the workspace of the Psoc Creator.)



      Andrew CollinsBLE101.PNG