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    start free RTOS with PSOC 5


      HI every body.I am using psoc5 for my project.my project worked with some peripheral as GPS module and temp sensor(I2C) and Eeprom and Accelerometer and ADC and digital input/output and RS232 and RS485 and CAN interface and GSM module to send & recieves sms request and connect with server for send and receive packet data.those of them worked well as i want seprated.my problem is working with tcp connection with gsm module.i want to calculate anything multitask and make packet to send to server and get ack from server.my program is not multi tasking mode now,so in tcp connection and send & recieves AT- command to gsm,module will be confuse and psoc hanged.now i think should to programming multi tasking...but i dont know how can i do it?and how can i start to changing my program.is there any body to help me?i am very harassment for my problem.

      thanks for attention...

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