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    struct CyU3PMutex inclomplete


      Hello, i'm starting with CYUSB3014, so trying to compile some of examples for tests. I use QtCreator, not Eclipse as IDE (i don't know is it important or not). I used SDK 1.3.3.

      So when i include cyu3dma.h it required

      CyU3PMutex lock;        /**< Lock for this channel structure. */
      CyU3PEvent flags;       /**< Event flags for the channel */


      in struct CyU3PDmaChannel but there is only definition like:

      typedef struct CyU3PMutex    CyU3PMutex;

      and there is no definition of struct CyU3PMutex.

      i made grep through whole SDK sources, but found nothing.

      So could someone explain why there is no any definition of struct CyU3PMutex, struct CyU3PSemaphore, struct CyU3PEvent?