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    Not able to perform OTA in WM-BN-BM-22 eval kit




      I am using WICED STACK 4.1.2 to achieve OTA firmware upgrade.


      But i see when i am uploading the firmware into the web browser and clicking start upgrade , transferred will always show "NaN%".

      To narrow down this issue i checked the o/p of API used inside progress_upgrade_chunk function in wiced_ota_server.c file.


      if (wiced_framework_app_get_size( &app, &current_size ) != WICED_SUCCESS)


                  return -1;


      if (wiced_framework_app_set_size( &app, file_size) != WICED_SUCCESS)


              return -1;



      Here the app_set_size always failing and app_get_size always returns with current_size 0.


      I have compiled and flashed the application using command - "./make snip.ota_fr-BCMUSI22.A1 download_apps download run" and i am uploading the snip.scan-BCMUSI22.A1.stripped.elf file into web browser.


      Can you pleas help me to resolve this?

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          I did some more analysis on this by adding some code to ota_fr.c, below is the snippet.


          sflash_handle_t sflash_handle;

                  app_header_t    app_header;

                  uint32_t        address, available_size,current_size;

                  sflash_read_t  sflash_read_func;

                  wiced_app_t app;

                  int index;

                  wiced_framework_app_open( DCT_APP0_INDEX, &app );

                  WICED_VERIFY( init_sflash( &sflash_handle, PLATFORM_SFLASH_PERIPHERAL_ID, SFLASH_WRITE_NOT_ALLOWED ) );

                  WICED_VERIFY( sflash_read( &sflash_handle, app.app_header_location.detail.external_fixed.location, &app_header, sizeof(app_header_t) ) );

                  wiced_apps_get_physical_address( &app_header, 0, &address, &available_size );

                  //wiced_framework_app_get_size( &app, &current_size );

                  for ( index = 0; index < app_header.count; index++ )


                          current_size = current_size + app_header.sectors[ index ].count;




                  current_size = current_size * SFLASH_SECTOR_SIZE;

              printf("Address is %ld, available_size is %ld ,size of app %ld ,header.count %ld\n",address,available_size,current_size,app_header.count);


          Attached is the output of it, and which is same for DCT_FR_APP_INDEX too.

          I don't know why the location is not different for both.




          Please help here.

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            Hi Sir ,


            Where did you get the BM-22 Eval Kit?

            Wondered you need to have Ext SPI Flash out of module(U3) , please check it.