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    Iperf on concurrent operation



      After finished concurrent operation test (Station / Soft AP ), now I'am testing iperf on concurrent mode, however I have no idea

      how can I give interface against the iperf command.


      On concurrent operation there should be two interface alive in the concurrent mode that I mentioned above,

      one will be station interface and the other will be Soft AP interface, however there's no interface parameter as iperf function parameters


      For example, if I give "iperf -s" when the two interface (station/SoftAP) alive , what interface will be feed this parameter?


      I try to find the example code in the SDK but I couldn't.




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          This is answer my own question.

          By the simple test, I got to know that iperf server application do not take the one of serperated interface until the interface linked by the link partner, that means when running iperf client from peer device, iperf client will assign IP as same as one of IPs n the server(gateway IP or the client IP against Joined AP),

          at this moment seperate iperf port also be assigned for each interface running on the iperf server device.


          In the wiced(iperf server side) to take the serperate interface, two iperf server instance should be run for each interface

          coummunication and the port should be seperated as same as client ports.